Maciej Grelewicz


Brick House

Łódź, Poland

competition, 2014


Projects is a simple, two-storey suburban building designed for family with two kids. Program is divided into two cuboids in strict and clean manner - all living spaces and garage are placed on ground floor, while all bedrooms are located above it. Difference in footprints between 'day' and 'night' zones creates generous terrace with south-west exposure, accessed directly from all the bedrooms. This space is also connected via external staircase with vast southern terrace located on ground floor.


House has a very coherent materiality - recycled bricks are applied for all the structural walls and terraces. Externally they have natural reddish coloration, while inside they are painted white. Rooms that are more private (master bathroom) or need less daylight (garage) use lattice of perforated bricks to filter the sun in. Internal floors are made of polished concrete.


Building applies several passive solar design techniques - it has simple, compact volume and its fenestration is related to orientation: south facade has big openings, maximizing heat gains, while north facade is almost fully opaque. All communication (hall, staircase, corridors) is located on the northern part of the building, creating thermal buffer for living spaces and bedrooms. Main building's materials: bricks (external and internal walls) and concrete (floors) have very high thermal mass - they are storing sun radiation during the day and releasing the heat in the night.