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Maciej Grelewicz

Gravestone for Architect

Szczecin, Poland

competition 1st Prize, 2014


Jury statement:

“The prize was awarded for the pathos of form, clarity of gesture and conciseness of used means of expression. Intentional collision of vertical and horizontal form won family’s heart as an echo of Stanisław Kondarewicz’s workshop.”


Project description:

Project of gravestone for Stanisław Kondarewicz, architect from Szczecin, deceased in 2011, reduces polish standard of this commemorating symbol to absolute minimum. It consists of two rectangular slabs of equal size  - 100 cm x 200 cm x 12 cm. Both elements are made of black, polished granite. The only elements standing out from those monolithic slabs are grey engravings of roman-catholic cross and text (name of the deceased, dates of his birth and death and the motto suggested by his family, all made in Helvetica font) placed on vertical slab. Simplicity and elegance of this gravestone are making it clear, distinctive sign.