Maciej Grelewicz


Wooden Toilet

Płock, Poland

competition, 2016


Project creates an intimate setting, ensuring privacy for toilet users, while maintaining visual and material relationship with surrounding greenery. Building is located within green belt between rows of midrise residential buildings, in the biggest housing estate in Płock.


The most distinctive part of the project is a semitransparent wall of thin wooden profiles, enveloping the whole building - 2 enclosed volumes containing toilets and open additional elements of the program: semicircular wooden bench and bicycle parking. The outline of the building almost completely fills building's plot - allowing to create small central courtyard, giving more generous space in front of the bench. Two rounded recesses in volume's regular trapezoidal shape were designed to keep existing birches, located in south-east corner of the plot.


Building has a wooden frame structure. Wood is also used as finishing, both inside and outside the building. Other materials are protecting areas most exposed to dirt - floors are covered by polished concrete, while toilets' partition walls are made of white painted steel. All internal spaces are lit naturally - by skylights (toilets) or windows (washrooms).