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In the world of constant (over-)stimulation and everchanging fashions, we want to make architecture that will last.


Vitruvius, in 'The Ten Books on Architecture', defined qualities that good buildings should possess: durability, functionality and beauty ('firmitas, utilitas, venustas') - we believe they are as important today as they were two thousand years ago. We avoid using rhetoric or following recent trends, rather seeking for clear, simple and straightforward solutions. We believe that simple and honest building is stronger than the one that shouts and desperately seeks for attention.


Velux Award Jury including Kengo Kuma and Roisin Heneghan


2019 'Plastic Monument, Gold Mention

2015 'Design a Beautiful House', 1st Prize

2013 Competition for architect's gravestone, 1st Prize

2008 International Graphisoft ‘ArchitectsJURY’ competition, 1st Prize

2006 International Velux Award ‘Light of Tomorrow’, Honourable mention

2006 FTA competition for essay about architecture, 3rd Prize




2012 ‘Modern Architecture into the Future 2’, BySpace

2011 ‘Top Space & Art II’, Artpower

2010 'Portfolio', DAMDI Publishing

2009 the Bund, 'Library wearing transparent cloth'


2009 Graphisoft 2009 Calendar, 'Picture of the March'

2007 Archivolta 1/2007, 'Light of Tomorrow'

2006 Architektura & Biznes 12/2006, 'International competition 'Light of tomorrow'

2006 Puls Biznesu 14.11/2006, 'Picture of the week'

2006 International Velux Award Yearbook


2011 ‘Top Space & Art II’, Artpower – preface

2010 L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 6-7/2010, 'Planetary Deadlines' (with J. Schele)

2008 Murator 7/2008, 'Contemporary house – what does it mean today?'

2007 Archivolta 3/2007, 'Architect – romantic or positivist?'


Maciej Grelewicz


Maciej studied architecture in Łódź (Poland) and Dessau (Germany). After graduating he worked in the local practice in Łódź, mainly on bespoke single-family houses. Later he joined MVRDV - one of the most renown contemporary offices. During 3 years' practice there, he worked on projects located in Europe, Asia and North America. His key project was Bałtyk office tower in Poznań (Poland) completed in 2017.


In 2015 he established his own architectural practice. His projects were awarded in several international architectural competitions - including 1st prize in ‘Design a Beautiful House’ competition, which had attracted 662 entries.



Anna Szafrańska, Marta Czachorowska, Grzegorz Uraziński, Anna Orłowska


Maciej Grelewicz


Zgierska 240 m.33

91-362 Łódź, Poland


T +48 667 040 815


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